Daily Supplements

Many patients ask "what supplements should I be taking?" That is a good question, because in today's information overload world, it's very confusing. So here is the answer:  1. a digestive enzyme/probiotic supplement, this helps break down our foods, increases our nutrient absorption and bumps up our immune system.  I recomend DaVinci Labs chewable 2. [...]

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Flu Shots

Many patients ask me about a flu shot, my usual reply is "don't bother!"  Why? According to the CDC, officials select three strains of flu virus for the vaccine, that they think are most likely to be circulating during the next years winter season. (They have not "guessed" correctly, even missing the swine flu, remember [...]

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Holiday Stress

Many people become stressed out during the holiday season, This compromises the bodies ability to fight off  disease and infection. So during this holiday season try to continue to exercise, like walking after those big holiday meals. Also stop by the office and get some AdrenoPlus, this supplies nutrition to the adrenal glands which are [...]

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