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Dr. Phillips regularly receives testimonials and life stories about how chiropractic care has changed the the quality of life for his patients. 

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Testimonials, Life Stories, and Recommendations:

Can’t Believe I Waited So Long…I had the good fortune of being referred to Phillips Chiropractic Center by my co-worker in January. I had experienced up to that point chronic pain in my left arm and was under a tremendous amount of discomfort and stress.Since being under Dr. Phillips care… the pain is gone in my arm (I didn’t know chiropractors could fix arms… too) and my stress levels are manageable for the first time in years. My body is experiencing improved breathing, musculature movement and a renewed zest for life. I feel rejuvenated.My only regret is that I didn’t listen to my co-worker sooner and experience the miracle of Chiropractic Care years ago.Thanks Dr. Phillips,Debra HHI


Could not sit and had Fibromyalgia I had been injured in a car wreck and unable to sit without being in tremendous pain. I went to Dr. Phillips on the recommendation of my brother-in-law. Through Dr. Phillips educating me and his treatments, within months I was able to sit without pain. Wow!But even more importantly, the fibromyalgia that I had been diagnosed with four years before and was being treated with DRUGS, had diminished. I stop taking all my medicine and four months after I started getting adjustments I had absolutely no symptoms. My headaches stopped, my muscle pain stop, and I was sleeping through the night. I feel healthy and alive again. I feel energy running through my body freely.I now have my children ages 12 and 16 also going to Phillips Chiropractic Center. My teenager who is over 6 feet tall does not experience the pain of his bones growing and has been able to increase his physical power. My 12 year old, who had problems with concentration has improved academically and verbally is able to think more clearly.He has also lost over 16 pounds and feels good inside his body. I continue with regularly visiting Dr. Phillips because I don’t ever want to rely on pain drugs again. He designed a treatment program specifically for me. I do not take any pain killers or drugs of any kind since after my car wreck, since seeing Dr. Phillips. He keeps my body flowing on itself.Dr. Phillips has helped me to make my life a healthy one and a much happier one.


Thanks Doc… You definitely…Have My Back!JJ

Can’t shake the back pain?I know the feeling!But wait… there’s hope… actually… more than hope. There is an answer.And… that answer is Dr. Raleigh Phillips at Phillips Chiropractic Center, in Shelter Cove!You see… I used to think the only way to take care of back pain was to take a pain pill and lay in bed… Boy was I wrong.I wasted so much time and sacrificed my well-being… and my beloved tennis… because I wouldn’t try chiropractic care.But… not any more!Life is too short to be sidelined by a bad back. Life is precious and life is a gift. That’s why… I will never take a day for granted anymore… and you shouldn’t either.I recommend all my family, friends, and especially my tennis partners to the best chiropractor on Hilton Head Island, Dr. Phillips.


To Your Health and See You On the Courts!SharonP.S— By the way… Dr. Phillips helped with losing weight too… he is an angel!